Pipe Union is basically a sort of fitting component that is designed in such a manner that it can effectively unite two separated pipes. The corresponding pipes can be easily detached with no formation of deformation to respective pipes. Similar small diameter pipes require a positive seal and it can assemble easily with the assistance of pipe union. OHP Fitting Solutions is one among the leading company that offers high-quality pipe unions at an affordable price to their esteemed customers.

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Pipe unions are worldwide used in abundance and industries use it to join pipes easily. The union, in general, contain three basic parts- a nut, a female end, and a male end. In order to provide sealing to joints, the male and female ends get connected via a nut. At least single radial screw or nut gets used so as to lock pipe together through the pipe union in cross-section sized.

Equal Union

Unequal Union(Reducing)

Bulkhead Union

Equal Union Cross

Pipe Union 2 Pc (Hex Body - TH)

Pipe Union 3 Pc (Round Body - SW)

Bulkhead Union (Round Body - TH)

Bulkhead Union (Round Body - SW)

Reducing Union

Bulkhead Reducing Union

Union Tube Fitting